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Saige Arcand is a Personal Development Coach, Designer, Makeup-Artist and Workshop Facilitator who specializes in empowering Indigenous youth to reclaim self-love, life’s passion and purpose. Through transformational coaching practices, Saige has inspired many Indigenous youth by sharing tools that promote healthy self-esteem, positive body imaging, goal setting and encourage self-love so they can fearlessly pursue their goals & dreams.

Saige has been interviewed by CTV News speaking about the drive to help youth succeed and to see themselves in a positive way.  She has been featured in news articles from WindSpeaker to CBC News. Saige was also a contributor and Nominee for Cando’s 2018 National Youth Panel.

News Publications


CBC News

Cree woman's work with youth earns her Alberta 30-under-30 nomination


Saige Arcand: Top 30 Under 30 turns struggle into power

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Cando National Youth Panel

Saige Arcand - National Youth Panel Nominee & Contributor

CTV News

Saige Arcand is driven to help youth succeed and to see themselves in a positive way.

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CBC The National

Saige Arcand on CBC The National as one of the top "Ten Young Canadians to Watch"

Media Inquiries

Saige knows first-hand what it takes to thrive through challenging life experiences while remaining true to her authentic self. It is from these past experiences battling and overcame severe self-esteem issues, body image issues, depression and trauma that has inspired her to develop and deliver workshops. Her incredible personal transformation from adversity to triumph means that she now lives life with deep meaning and purpose to help and empower others and turning wounds into wisdom. 

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