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Live Inspired Confidence Building 

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A one day workshop that aims to help enhance an individual's self-esteem and cultivate self-love to live a fearless and inspired life. 


Live Inspired Wellness Workshop Series

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A compilation of Inspired Iskwew Coaching's personal development workshops delivered over a few weeks that are aimed to help improve an individual's sense of self worth, enhance their self-esteem, cultivate self-love and transform their mindset to live a fearless and inspired life.


Empowering Ourselves Through Self-Care

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In this workshop, there will be a wholistic focus on creating a self care plan that will empower our daily lives. We will provide tips, tools and exercises that will contribute to cultivating an individualized and successful self care routine to set participants up for success. 

All workshops can be curated specific for Youth & Women's groups participants. 

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Grab your free goal setting workbook!

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Set your intentions with Inspired Iskwew's Goal Setting Workbook curated with YOU in mind...

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