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Honour Your Journey!

It is so important to take time to honour yourself. Reflect upon the steps you have walked, the hurdles you have jumped, streams you’ve swam and the barriers you have broken. Honour all of the small victories like getting out of bed when it felt hard. The mistakes that turned into life lessons. The big victories that have helped you grow and evolve. I hope you honour yourself today and recognize that you are doing a beautiful job even when it may not feel like it. Acknowledge your journey thus far and revel in the moment that you have gotten yourself here. Look to the future with grace and know that you are divinely guided and protected by your ancestors. I hope you honour each day as if it were your last. Everyday is a gift from Creator. Our journeys in this physical world are unique and there are no blue prints to life. Honor your gifts, your dreams, and your vision for your life. Always remember that speed really doesn’t matter. Forward is forward. Honour yourself today and each day.

Ahkameyimok - keep going. Persevere.

Photography by Summer Sharphead (@nipinphotography)

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