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Your daily reminder to celebrate YOU!

Your daily reminder to celebrate YOU! No one knows what it takes to be you. Give yourself credit for those hard days you pushed through. Celebrate those victories no matter how small or big- they are shaping you into the beautiful, ever-evolving, compassionate, strong and amazing person you are today. Sometimes it might feel challenging to celebrate ourselves, I know this from personal experience. Sometimes we might have had life experiences where we didn’t feel heard, seen or validated by those we love and admire. I’m here to remind you that it’s only YOU who needs to celebrate you. Everything and everyone who adds to that is an extension of the love you give yourself. Celebrating yourself is a form of self-love and you are so deserving of it! Tips to celebrate you: *Journal your positive qualities *Practice positive self-talk *Reflect on your accomplishments *Practice gratitude *Indulge on self-care *List your future goals *Write yourself a thank you letter *Date yourself *Buy yourself flowers *Write yourself a forgiveness letter

*Connect with those who feel good mind, body and spirit *Validate and acknowledge yourself and your journey this far Ultimately, do more of what brings you joy and happiness & celebrate YOU along the way. Have a beautiful day all of you beautiful people! — in Treaty No. 6 Territory.

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